my immediate future is exciting and cramped

Big day tomorrow. First, TEDxUniPittsburgh. I’ll be presenting a talk on the C/cultural C/commons and thinking about culture with a long term, sustainability view, rather than through a short term ownership or production lens. I won’t call it an anti-copyright stance, though I’m sure someone there will. Look for the video here soon.

Then, Jonathan Coulton live at the Rex Theater. ::cue squeeee!::

Then then, back to work on my long long list of deadlines. It isn’t getting any longer, thank god, but it also doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.

My bootleg download of “The Fame Monster” has the curses blanked out. (It sounds like GaGa is saying, “I’m a free bint, baby,” which is arguably worse than “free bitch.”) That’ll teach me, I guess.

And, finally, a dispatch from the Land of Duh, via the BBC. It seems that children who use technology are ‘better writers.’

But, frankly, if patronizing articles like this lead to serious pedagogical attention being paid to the benefits digital connectivity has to offer the academy, I’ll bite my tongue and take it.

The Coolest Thing Ever Today

Hot on the heels of my recent discovery of/obsession with Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video comes this spot on parody of her song and video “Poker Face,” off her first album. Chase with the Lady Gaga’s official “Poker Face” video for full surreality effect. It also helps if you’re a complete font/design junkie.

Neutra Face: An Ode on a Typeface

I don’t know who these people are, but they are awesome.

EDIT: Tracked down their website here. I was right, they do appear to be awesome.