I’m always happy to talk about my current or past projects, particularly:

+The Coming Swarm, my book on activist distributed denial of service actions+Activism, politics, and dissent on the internet
+Smart cities and their fun problems
+the history of venture capital
+Data epistemologies
+”Disruption”: its history, its future, its everything

If you’d like to have me speak to your class/conference/workshop/pizza party, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Previous Talks

“How Pension Reform Made Modern Venture Capital,” University of Pittsburgh, January 2022

“What Can You Do With The Smart City,” Canadian Centre for Architecture, November 2018

“The DDoS Is Coming From Inside the House: IoT and Existential Risk,” Inman Hacker Connect Keynote, New York NY, January 2017

“The Securitized State: Private Policing’s Digital Future,” BSides Boston Keynote, Boston MA, May 2015

“Public Computing and the Revolution,” Access Conference Binkley Memorial Lecture, Toronto ON, September 2015

“Molly Sauter and Laurie Penny: A Fireside Chat on The Coming Swarm,” Harvard University, Cambridge MA, October 2014

“An Exploration of Civic Fiction: A Gay Girl in Damascus and the Cosmopolitan Romance of the Digital Bridge Figure,” Theorizing the Web, Brooklyn NY, April 2014

“‘LOIC Will Tear Us Apart,'” Berkman Center, Harvard University, January 2013

“What You Say is What You Get: How Using ‘Hacker’ as a Synonym for ‘Criminal’ is Killing Political Speech Online,” IGNITE Talk, NewsFoo, December 2012