PhD: McGill University: Communication Studies (expected 2018)
Advisor: Gabriella Coleman
Dissertation Working Title: Break in the Signal: Disruptive Activism, ICT Failures, and Silent Spaces as Zones of Politics
Committee: Gabriella Coleman, Darin Barney

SM: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Comparative Media Studies (2013)
Thesis: Distributed Denial of Service Actions and the Challenge of Civil Disobedience on the Internet
Committee: Ethan Zuckerman, James Paradis

BA: University of Pittsburgh: History and Philosophy of Science (2010)

St John’s College (Annapolis): Philosophy, History of Science and Mathematics (August 2005-December 2007)

research interests: Internet culture; hacktivist technology and practices; hacker culture; social movements; disruption; cyberlaw; information security; technology in the media; philosophy of technology

awards + grants + fellowships
Richard H. Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowship, McGill University (2013-2016): $25,000 CAD yearly stipend

McCall MacBain Fellowship in the Arts, McGill University (2013-2016): $5,000 CAD yearly stipend

CMS Professional Development Grant, MIT (2012, 2013)

CMS/Civic Media Summer Research and Development Grant, MIT (Summer, 2012): Awarded to support summer research and development work at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Center for Civic Media Research Assistantship, MIT (2011-2013): Full tuition and stipend.

J.K. and Gertrude Miller Award, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh (2009): Awarded for “The Problem with ‘Completely Original.’”

Brackenridge Research Fellowship, University Honors College, University of Pittsburgh (2009): Awarded to complete original research on remix practices and IP law.

National Cybersecurity Fellow, New America Foundation, (2015-present)

Fellow, Consortium for Emerging Technologies, Military Operations, and National Security, Case Western University and Notre Dame University (2014-present)

Fellow, Digital Ecologies Research Partnership, (2014-present)

Fellow, International Relations and Digital Technology Collective, Canadian International Council (2013-present)

Research Affiliate, Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab (2013-present)

Research Affiliate, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard (2013-present)

Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University (2012-2013)

McGill University, Montreal, QC (2014-present): Research assistant to Gabriella Coleman

Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco, CA (Summer, 2012): Activism intern under Rainey Reitman

Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA (2011-2013): Research assistant to Sasha Costanza-Chock and Ethan Zuckerman

Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge, MA (2010-2011): Research assistant to Jonathan Zittrain

Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge, MA (Summer, 2010): Summer intern working with: ICANN Accountability & Transparency Review; Digital Natives; Radio Berkman; Jonathan Zittrain; William Fisher (on user innovation)

University Honors College, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Summer 2009): Brackenridge Research Fellow

Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA (2011): Teaching assistant, Ideas for a Better Internet under Jonathan Zittrain

Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA (January 2011): Teaching assistant, Ideas for a Better Internet (joint Harvard Law School-Stanford Law seminar), under Jonathan Zittrain

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA (2010): Teaching assistant, Identifying Difficult Problems in Cyberlaw, under Jonathan Zittrain

 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (2010): Teaching assistant, Advanced Digital Composition, under Jamie Skye Bianco, English Dept

 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (2010): Instructor, Russian Fairy Tales, under David Birnbaum, Slavic Department

 St John’s College, Annapolis, MD (2006-2007): Lab assistant, Freshman & Junior Lab, under Alan Pichanick and Jonathan Badger

Steel Penny Games, Austin, TX (2008): Lead Narrative Designer

myYearbook.com, New Hope, PA (2006-2007):Head Content Creator & User Wrangler

publications, presentations, posters
The Coming Swarm: DDoS, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience, Bloomsbury, New York, October 2014

“‘LOIC Will Tear Us Apart’: The Impact of Tool Design and Media Portrayals in the Success of Activist DDOS Attacks,” American Behavioral Scientist, Volume 57 Issue 7, July 2013, pp. 983 – 1007. DOI: 10.1177/0002764213479370

other publications
Hacktivist action came too soon in Ottawa,” Metro (25 November 2014)

“The Future of Civil Disobedience Online,” iO9 (17 June 2013)

“If Hackers Didn’t Exist, Governments Would Have to Invent Them,” The Atlantic (5 July 2012)

“Guy Fawkes Mask-ology,” HiLoBrow (30 April 2012)

“The Visual Life of Occupy Wall Street,” In Media Res (7 February 2012)

Jonathan Zittrain and Molly Sauter, “Will the U.S. Internet get a “kill switch”?” MIT Technology Review (4 March 2011)

Jonathan Zittrain and Molly Sauter, “Everything You Need to Know About Wikileaks” MIT Technology Review (9 December 2010)

Dan Jones and Molly Sauter, “Wikileaks and the Information Wars” (podcast) (producer) Radio Berkman (Harvard) (8 December 2010)

Dan Jones and Molly Sauter, “Jonathan and Larry Take on…Net Neutrality!” (podcast) (producer) Radio Berkman (Harvard) (15 October 2010)

Dan Jones and Molly Sauter, “I Am Not A Lawyer: Competition!” (podcast) (producer, co-host) Radio Berkman (Harvard) (16 September 2010)

Dan Jones and Molly Sauter, “Jonathan Zittrain and Larry Lessig Take on…Competition!” (podcast) (producer) Radio Berkman (Harvard) (9 September 2010)

Jason Hughes and Molly Sauter, Bruiser and Scratch, (video game) (co-narrative designer) Steel Penny Games, WiiWare (December 2008)

talks + presentations
invited talks + guest lectures
“The Digital Street: Disruption and the Dilemma of Civil Disobedience Online,” Ideas Lunch, Information Society Project, Yale Law School (December 2013)

“Where is the Digital Street: Disruption, Activism, and Free Speech Online,” Inamori Center for Ethics and Excellence, Case Western University (November 2013)

“Hackers, Technopanics, and the Media,” guest lecture, Technopanics, Comparative Media Studies, MIT (April 2013)

““LOIC Will Tear Us Apart”: The Impact of Tool Design and Media Portrayals in the Success of Activist DDOS Attacks,” Berkman Center Lunch Talk, Harvard University, (January 2013)

“What You Say Is What You Get: Why Using ‘Hacker’ as a Synonym for ‘Criminal’ Is Killing Political Speech Online,” Ignite talk, News Foo Camp (November 2012) (video)

“Jungian and Folkloric Imagery in Nina Sadur’s Short Fiction,” guest lecture, Russian Fairy Tales, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh (December 2009, April 2010)

conference talks + presentations
“The Performative Turn in Hacker Epistemic Politics,” ICA, Seattle (May 2014)

An Exploration of Civic Fiction: A Gay Girl in Damascus and the Cosmopolitan Romance of the Digital Bridge Figure,” Theorizing the Web, Brooklyn, NY (April 2014)

“The Future of Digital Direct Activism,” panel discussion, SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX (March 2014)

“Kevin Mitnick, the New York Times, and the Media’s Conception of the Hacker,” IAMCR, Dublin (June 2013)

Kevin Mitnick, the New York Times, and the Media’s Conception of the Hacker,” panel presentation, Media In Transition 8, MIT (May 2013)

Closing Plenary: Summing Up, Looking Ahead,” Media In Transition 8, MIT (May 2013)

“The Ethics of Activist DDOS Actions,” solo talk, Chaos Communication Congress (29c3), (December 2012) (video)

“Activist DDOS Attacks: When Similes and Metaphors Fail,” solo talk, HOPE NUMBER 9 (July 2012) (video) (slides/notes)

“Lolitics: Politics and Memes,” panel (moderator) ROFLcon III (May 2012) (video)

“DDOS as an Activist Tactic: Anonymous in Context,” panel presentation (panelist, session chair), PCA/ACA National Conference (April 2012) (April 2012)

“Policy Effects of the Media Portrayals of Hacktivists,” solo presentation, SXSW Interactive (March 2012) (slides/audio)

“Participatory Culture and Interactivity in Literature,” (poster) Undergraduate Research Fair (UHC, University of Pittsburgh) (April 2010)

“Cultural Sustainability and the Modern Media,” TEDxUniPittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh) (December 2009)

“Participatory Culture and Interactivity in Literature,” Brackenridge Research Lecture (UHC, University of Pittsburgh) (July 2009)

“The Alice Problem,” Through the Looking Glass (UHC, University of Pittsburgh) (invited) (May 2009)

invited conferences + workshops
Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute (2014): Funded Participant, Oxford, UK

Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium (2013): Invited Participant, New York, NY

Security and Human Behavior (2013): Invited Participant, Los Angeles, CA

NewsFoo (2012): Invited Participant, Phoenix, AZ

Digital Media and Disruptive Publics Workshop (2012): Invited Participant, Nairobi

Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2012: Invited Participant, Nairobi

conference organizing/staff
Innovation and its Contestants (5th Annual Emerging Scholars Conference) (2014): Organizing Commitee, McGill University, Quebec, Canada

ShmooCon 2011: Staff, Washington DC

Four Ideas for a Better Internet (2011): Co-Organizer, Stanford University, CA

Penguicon (2009-2010): Staff

languages, skills, capacities
human languages
French (conversant and literate), Mandarin Chinese (elementary), Ancient Greek (elementary)

computer languages, design + productivity programs
Processing, Audacity, Inform 7, Adobe Flash, Actionscript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Soundbooth, HTML/XML/CSS, WordPress

volunteer work + professional activities
Association of Internet Researchers (2013-present): Graduate student mailing list facilitator

Cyberscholars Working Group (2011-present): Co-coordinator

International Game Developers Association (2008-2010): Assistant Editor, Game Writers Quarterly; copyeditor, IGDA Newsletter

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (2009-2010): University Honors College Lecture Coordinator; History and Philosophy of Science Association President

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA (2009-2010): Scientific Illustrator, Section of Mollusks, Section of Vertebrate Paleontology