Writing on technology, culture, and politics; dissertating on the history of venture capital and the innovation economy.


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My research has been featured in Popular MechanicsBoing Boing, the BBC, and Der Speigel, and I’m a frequent expert commentator on issues of cyber security, hacking, digital activism, and technology.

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Excerpts of The Coming Swarm have been featured on BoingBoing and io9

One of Science Friday’s Best Science Books of 2014

One of io9’s Best Science Books of 2014

One of the EFF’s “Must-Reads” of 2014

“…a strong and timely reminder of a nearly forgotten history of Internet radicalism and a reclamation of DDoS as a legitimate tool for civil disobedience.” Guobin Yang, Contemporary Sociology, American Sociological Association, Vol 45, Issue 2, 2016

“…provide[s] [a] thorough analysis of activism in the age of new media and offer[s] a critical appraisal of digitally mediated potentials for progress and democracy…” Mariam Betlemidze, New Media and Society, Vol 18, Issue 5, 2016

“…a valuable source for researchers, activists and even policymakers, and it should find specifically a home on the shelves of social movement and collective action scholars. Leonie Maria Tanczer, London School of Economics and Political Science Review of Books, May 2015

“…[The Coming Swarm] is an excellent source on the history of the tactic.” – Kevin Carson, Center for a Stateless Society, December 2014

“…a thought-provoking little bomb of a book that raises issues activists in 2014 can’t afford to ignore…” – Astra Taylor, Salon, December 2014

“…essential for those who are interested in the future of activism and the role that the internet might play in it…” Sofia Romualdo, The Curious Curator August 2014

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