One of my favorite things I get to do as an internet academic and activist is talk to people about my work and hear their stories, thoughts, and ideas.  I love meeting new people and talking together about stuff that gets everyone in the room excited.

I’m always happy to talk about my current or past projects, particularly:

+The Coming Swarm,  my book on activist distributed denial of service actions
+Disruptive activism on the internet
+The criminalization of online protest
+Misrepresentation and fictionalization in civic life
+The impact of large scale data leaks on politics, journalism, and discourse
+Folk conceptions of information security

If you’d like to have me speak to your class/conference/workshop/pizza party, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Previous Talks

“Molly Sauter and Laurie Penny: A Fireside Chat on The Coming Swarm,” Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (October 2014)

“An Exploration of Civic Fiction: A Gay Girl in Damascus and the Cosmopolitan Romance of the Digital Bridge Figure,” Theorizing the Web, Brooklyn, NY (April 2014)

“‘LOIC Will Tear Us Apart,'” Berkman Center, Harvard University (January 2013)

“The Ethics of Activist DDOS Actions,” solo talk, 29c3 (December 2012)

“What You Say is What You Get: How Using ‘Hacker’ as a Synonym for ‘Criminal’ is Killing Political Speech Online,” IGNITE Talk, NewsFoo (December 2012)

“Activist DDOS Attacks: When Similes and Metaphors Fail,” solo talk, HOPE NUMBER 9 (July 2012) (video) (slides/notes)

“Policy Effects of Media Portrayals of Hackers,” SXSW Interactive (March 2012) (slides/audio)

“I Am Not A Lawyer: Competition!” (podcast) (co-produced and hosted with Dan Jones) Radio Berkman (September 2010)

“Participatory Culture and Interactivity in Literature,” Brackenridge Research Lecture (UHC, University of Pittsburgh) (July 2009)