Summer Reading


Books came today! A chunk of my summer reading for Comparative Media Studies in the fall arrived: Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, the only required book, along with The Information and The Wealth of Networks, both of which are recommended. The other recommended books are James Carey’s Communication as Culture, John Fiske’s Understanding Popular Culture, Lisa Gitelman’s Always Already New, Paul Starr’s The Creation of the Media, and Internationalizing Media Studies, edited by Daya Kishan Thussu.  I don’t plan on finishing everything by September 1, but I’ll get through as much as I can.  I’ll be posting thoughts here as I go to keep all the words straight in my brain, so check back if you’re interested in discussing any of the above works.


And while I’m at it, here’s my non-academic/non-work reading for the summer.  I’m looking forward to the fiction keeping me sane.


Happy reading, everyone!